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Hi everyone. My Gran just had an op to close her ileostomy loop but is now suffering from acid reflux. Is this common? What will help the...
I had the surgery 23 years ago and it doesn't seem like the food is in me long enough to absorb the calories, but here I am, in my late 5...
I have a illiostomy and I have normal rectal discharge but whenever I push while having rectal discharge blood comes out but when I don'...
I have an ileostomy and was wondering if there is any benefit for me to take probiotics?
I am to have surgery for colon/rectal cancer in a few weeks. The surgeon is to remove 12 inches of my colon/rectum and says I should hav...
I just had an episode where I was cleaning - sometimes I squeeze a bit to make sure nothing voids while I'm trying to apply my device - f...
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