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I has emergency surgery two weeks ago and had all of my colon and bowel removed. Non reversible. Can anyone who has had this done tell me...
Hi ladies, has anyone with an ileostomy had a total abdominal hysterectomy please? Very anxious!!
I just got an ostomy bag in may. I cant get staight answers on some of my questions. How ofton should I change my bag and what is best a ...
Hi , I am on the list for colostomy surgery due to what the doctors are saying is obstructed defecation. I empty my bowel in small amount...
Looking for people willing to tell their stories about how/when/why they have their permanent ostomys. Please leave a comment if interest...
I am a twin sister to my 18 year old brother Ben. Recently, Ben had an ileostomy and now has a stoma on the lower left of his midsection....
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