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I am a paraplegic with an ileostomy. I use a wafer and detachable bag system. I want to do a 12 hour plane flight. It is not possible for...
My dad has had his bag for about 2 years now and he seems to have constant problems with it leaking. He is very embarrassed by it and get...
My husband has an ileostomy bag and the sticky paste he uses to hold his bag on is causes some issues so i was wondering if there is any...
I currently have a J pouch and went through a total colectomy. I am creating a team of people interested in building a platform that wil...
Please welcome Heiferly as your new Co-CL for the Ostomy community! Heiferly will be working alongside Megadodger and the rest of your c...
Hi. I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has had the above surgery? I had emergency full colectomy in December from sever...
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