Outlet Mall for Creative Expression Group

Welcome to the Outlet Mall - a place for your creative creations to be shared with other members of the Multiple Sclerosis community forum. We all need an outlet for our creative expressions, and this group is for your use. Please feel free to post poems, musings, songs, artwork or other art forms you would like to share. And if you don't have something you want to share, I hope you will still come here to shop from our Mall for inspiration from others in our group. This will be an open group to all members of the MS community, who I know will be kind and accepting to all who come here to share. Don't be shy - please join our group, where I hope that we all will share the art we create in our heARTs.
there is a book out, filled with stories made of just six words. We did that a while back on the MS forum, and had quite the creative ou...
Sown a Natural Body, Raised a Spiritual Body How are the dead raised, with what kind of body do they come Will it be a body like Jesu...
This is long but worth it. I got it in an email. And it is me described to a "T" Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. - ...
I'd done this a few years back. The hand is a bit wonky but otherwise I'm proud of it. Please note, I do not advocate smoking. I happe...
I am new to this site. I used to paint hundreds of paintings of animals a year
I wrote this several years ago to express what so many vets go through during the time of wars. Forgotten Warriors He was just an...
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