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Is there anyone else here with this type of ovarian cancer?
Can ovarian cancer be mistaken for polycystic ovaries on a transvaginal ultrasound - or do they look different?
Hi all I'm new to this. last year during a routine check up for another chronic illness my doctor found what he said was a lump on my rig...
Hi, I am a 53 year old woman, I have ibs and ulcerative colitis for 20 odd years, over the last year I have not been feeling great, I ach...
I did my endometrial biopsy, it come abnormal. It does not say if it’s cancer or not. It just says I got endometrial polyps. Since, The...
I'm a 42 year old with family history of colon cancer (maternal grandmother in her early 50's) I also believe my paternal grandmother pas...
Hello. My name is Alexandra. I am seeking advice and opinions based on personal experiences or from knowledgeable persons. My sister (she...
I have stage 4 ov
Dear all, My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We are chinese, and she is 56. She has just finished the operation and will u...
For a month now, I have had severe pain in low right pelvis, low back and right hip. I also have had pain in the lymph nodes in back of n...
I started losing weight without trying, about the same time that I started having symptoms of rectal prolapse. Can they be related? In 2 ...
can i add a pic
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