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OBGYN ignoring pain for 2 years Hi all, I’m not sure if this will even be seen, as I heard I am shadowbanned for posted too much as a ...
Hi I've had a cyst on left ovary. Been on waiting list nearly a year so not seen gynae yet but will do soon. I exoect its got bigger also...
Mom of 4. Took birth control from age 16 until 40 so my cycles were regular until past two years. Period comes every 21-26 days. Spot whe...
56 yr old & post menopausal. A complex cyst was found within my right ovary via ultrasound. Report reads: "Within the right ovary ther...
Hi all. I had laparoscopic surgery last Friday to remove an 18cm cyst, an ovary, and Fallopian tube. How long does it take for the swelli...
Immediately after surgery I could feel a tightness and it looks sunken where my left ovary was removed. 2 weeks post op and I still in ex...
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