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I am a 65 yo healthy female. I had an annual exam that revealed a very large uterus. On US they found many fibroids in the uterus, norm...
I am 36 years old. I went into my GP with complaints of lower abdominal pain radiating to my back (or vice Versa, at the time I didn't k...
Ultrasound report states there is a 2.7cm solid mixed echogenic, hyperechoic and hypoechoic, ovarian mass with internal color flow. It ha...
I was just diagnosed with a "complex solid mass" on my left ovary. This is what my report said: There is a sharply-circumscribed, but...
On a pelvic ultrasound, there was an incidental finding of a left ovary adnexal mass. It is 1.8 cm and completely solid. No blood flow an...
Hello - I am 44, have two children, am relatively healthy (if slightly overweight). I had my fallopian tubes removed (one was inflamed wi...
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