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Hi , I have been diagnosed with a Dermoid cyst after having a CT Scan for a Gall Bladder issue , I’ve not had any symptoms so was really ...
My mom got her ultrasound report today and we found out that her right ovary has anechoic SOL measuring 2.1 * 3.0 cm s/o simple cyst. Two...
I've been having right lower abdominal pain for a couple months. I finally got a TV US. it showed 3 small fibroids on my uterus and a 44x...
I'm 41. Around 10 years ago, I had an ablation done and Adiana (tubal blockage device similar to Essure) at the same time. No children. ...
Arthritis is in hip joints...yes that could be the cause of that...but so could the ovarian cysts I have. How can you be sure? I don't...
OBGYN ignoring pain for 2 years Hi all, I’m not sure if this will even be seen, as I heard I am shadowbanned for posted too much as a ...
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