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By all means this can be ignored, maybe I just need a place to vent. But I am at a loss of what to do. I’ve never talked about it out lou...
Hi my names ivy i remember i went through alot of trauma i woke up the room was spinning sweating and agitated this onetime i rememeber i...
**Warning: sexual assault** I think I have been sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. A week ago, he dry-humped me naked, but I was wearin...
the last guy i dated was abusive and i've had nightmares about it even though i cut him out of my life and am trying to go back to normal...
Dear Sir, I am male in my 30s, I was severy tortured and was served food while in captivity, after eating food I felt acute vertigo, diz...
A relative of mine was in a combat zone for 2 years, upon return he worked back home another two years, and after roughly 4 years upon re...
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