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Hi all- it’s been almost a year now and no relief of physical symptoms since being raped(unprotected). I tried to pretend it did not happ...
Anyone else with PTSD ever feel this? I decline new places to go with friends sometimes, and even avoid dating because I feel like I'm tr...
hi, i’m 18 years old and 2 days ago i watched my entire world die right next to me. she had just been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days...
I'm 29 yr/ F. I have been dating someone with PTSD for about one year. The relationship began casual, as most do. But after awhile I st...
I was just wondering...because there was a website which claimed that you can, indeed, get PTSD from the death of a pet. There was a news...
My ex boyfriend has PTSD he's been under a councillor for just over a year. I talk to him nice and calm but he blames me for his explosiv...
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