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PTSD / Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Community

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I am diagnosed with ptsd and suffer anxiety attacks are benzos and alprazalam good f
I was prescribed Geodon 40 mg x1@night for anxiety related to PTSD 2 weeks ago & have untreated hypertension that has been running extre...
I was brutalized and raped and pronounced dead ten years ago. I have been on long term hospitalization since, and high dosage of meds. I ...
I recently had a C-Ptsd episode where I was banging on my neighbors window late at night after having a bad fight with my ex. I scared he...
Hello there, Ever since I was a little girl, I've had nightmares about what I have classified as women-molesters, which are "mature" wom...
Our home was robbed the middle of April. We know who did it because of what was taken, what wasn't taken, the time of day, there's just s...
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