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Its been 3 months I have delivered my baby. I am still having bland food, no spices, nothing. I cannot eat what I love to eat. I want t...
My baby is 3 months old and is very active. She sleeps less compared to the time she is supposed to spend sleeping. She only feeds for 10...
With a newborn in the house, we all know that there are going to be some serious adjustments, but something important in their first year...
So, we have this precious baby. They are so adorable. We love them! Now what do we do with them? ha ha. They have more going on inside...
Hey there :) Our LO is 7 weeks old and suddenly is in a lot of pain during day and night when passing gas. I know, that this is norma...
I have a 7 weeks old who I always formula feed as I'm not producing milk. My baby poops once a day, thin, liquidy poop that is dark green...
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