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My son is 13 and he has pooped in the shower at least twice in 6 months and does not clean it up. Its like he wants to get caught or in ...
My daughter is 15 she has been through alot of hardship through her life. About a 1 1/2 years ago she was severely depressed and tried ...
I've recently taken on the young youth group at my church. I have from age 10 to 15 and it's been so long since I was that age I feel sor...
Need to talk to someone about my depressed son. Besides therapists....need another parent to talk things thru with. Feel very alone.
I think my son is masturbating . I was cleaning his room and picking up clothes and tissues under his bed . Isn't he too young to me mast...
is it normal to master-bate naked. also what if your parents find you doing it
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