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This patient support community is for discussions relating to the challenges of parenting toddlers (age 1-5), including physical, speech, sensory, cognitive and emotional development, choosing a daycare/nanny, games & activities, and toilet training.
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I have a 25 month old who says no words - not even mama. He does not mimic not matter how hard you try. He is read to all the time, but ...
My son will be 5 soon and is still not "getting" potty training, we have as much diaper free time as possible, lots of praise for attempt...
My son who is eight likes to wear his brother diapers. I found him going in the babys room and undressing himself and putting it on. He...
My 4.5 year old keeps touching my little 2.5 year old's privates even after he gets in trouble. He knows that he is not suppose to do tha...
My 3 year old daughter ate a ice cream sandwich I had left sitting on a table and ate the paper too. Do I need to be worried and take her...
i have a 20month old son and i need a secure place to put him while im taking a bath, cooking, or cleaning the house. he's now experiment...
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