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My 1yr old son still spits up daily. Spit up occurs almost exclusively in the mornings after breastfeeding. Amount is small and usually j...
Please, please help! My son has had arm pain, below the shoulder, above the elbow for five months now. He has had 4 xrays, an MRI, and a ...
My significant other chews nicotine gum. I know, it’s not healthy. My question is can nicotine pass through their skin to our baby from ...
My 10 yo grandson has severe edema in just his right thigh. He has been seen at our local hospitals and now at Boston's Children's Hospi...
My 10 year old child had an itch on his finger after waking up yesterday. The itch and redness spread to the back of his hands and became...
My child has had a rash appear three times. It appears like a ringworm but it looks like a scratch. I don’t know what it is; I’m taki...
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