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I am stuck with having to make an incredibly important decision. Please advise. I am 42 years & have been diagnosed with having both b...
Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries ( partial h...
Hi, can an ovarian cyst of a little less than 4 inches (10 cm) be removed while saving the ovary? how? laparoscopy is the ideal way? how ...
Hi there, I am about 3 1/2 weeks out of surgery. I did have a urogyno with years of experience, I had a bladder, bowel and uterus prolaps...
Looking for advice/help. I go to the Dr. Monday, but would like advice from others who have experienced this. I'm a 26 year old mom of ...
I have grade 3 rectocele, plus uterine decent and a cysto/urethrocele grade 1 or 2 and some anal prolapse plus grade 3 intuss. Drs have ...
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