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Pelvic organ prolapse. Pessary. Urogynecology. Terms that all women should be familiar with, terms that few women are. Pelvic organ prola...
Hi, I'm 15 and I have a lump really close to my vagina opening its like a lump with a little hole in it (guessing is the cervix) I had ne...
I am 57 and enjoy recreational cycling. Nothing crazy, smooth road biking with nice wide seat on fairly flat paths. Had sacrocolpopexy i...
About 2 months ago, I noticed my bathing suit had blood in it. Didn't think much of it because I used to have fibroid tumors. But about a...
I have been diagnosed with cystocele. My doctor gave me urogyn gave me three options: do nothing, pessary, or surgery. She did not real...
Please take a moment to reach out to UKlady1001, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate everything! Congratulations UKlady1...
I have had a pessary for 3 months. It definitely helped ease my symptoms at first. Now it seems to be helping less and less. I actuall...
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