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Hi, I have had a few episodes of recurrent balanitis for the past two years. For the past 3 months I've changed my hygiene practices and...
I have a rash/irritation on penis head and under foreskin. went to few doctors including dermalogists and urologist , and they told I hav...
Hello, I am a 16 year old boy from the U.S. Ive had a big dark patch of skin in my penis shaft. This patch has been here for 2-3 years al...
I’ve noticed a painless white mark on my foreskin and I’m worried it may be cancer? I do have fordyce spots on my foreskin but this ma...
Hi, I have few bumps under foreskin in glans area, in red circle but one is at the end of penis. Two of them are flat and two more rou...
i am 26 and noticed inside my foreskin changed color, from dark brown to pink ( like the color of under eyelid). the outside of the fores...
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