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Please do not post anything promoting products that are harmful. We will remove these. As a reputable health site, we can not in good...
Can our community create a international world wide “sign” “insignia” for when we are out in public to identify other PATMers? What shoul...
Hope everyone is well during these times and my condolence and prayers to anyone who lost someone because of this outbreak. ( Love you na...
I know a lot of us have PATM and TMAU reactions, but I've been noticing that these conditions might be a little different. They might sti...
Saw an article on a case study where 3 out of the 15 guys undergoing a procedure to fix this condition had Tmau. After the procedure 2 of...
I saw this study where 3 out of the 15 guys who underwent this portosytemic shunts closure had symptoms of Tmau per urine analysis. Out o...
I don’t know why, but when I eat a lot of sugar or ice cream I draw these tiny, reddish, brown flying things that look like gnats.
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