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The last questions I see are from 2019. I am curious if this is still an active support community. Thanks
Hello I have had toes that turn red and dark purple for years. My fingers also turn red. Worse in the heat and cold. Also my toes are rea...
Hello! I am a 23 year old female. I have had strong pain in both my lower legs (calves and shins) for quite a while now. It all started a...
my mother had a chest pain three days ago doctor adviced for angiography and according to its report she had prox LCX 90% RCA diffuses ...
- Is it typically an interventional cardiologist that does the initial cath and angiogram of lower extremities and legs in the process of...
about 6 years ago i was diagnosed with pad. they put 4 stents in illiac arteries 2 on each side which helped some with the walking leg pa...
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