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Every time I go to the store and something is even the tiniest bit off the edge I have to move it so that it is not. When I see something...
I have a phobia of burn holes burn marks cigarette butts wet cigarettes it's disgusting makes me feel dirty smell of cigarettes too...any...
I think I am too late for the PEP and my mom wasn't concerned and wouldn't take me to the doctor. Two days ago at work my coworker (20 ye...
I have suffered from PTSD and chronic depression all my life. Had many treatments, but have always had residual problems. One of them i...
Is there anyone out there who has a phobia of nosebleeds I am really driving myself crazy here
Here's the deal,I was around my best friend's kids Friday & Sunday. My best friend calls Sunday afternoon and tells me she found lice on ...
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