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Is anyone familiar with the fear of smelling bad? It brings on An awkward social anxiety . I avoid close encounters even if it means walk...
I have a panic attack feeling on penis when doing sex and can't finish and penis becomes small. Is it psychogenic or is it physical? Wh...
My exposure was in August sex without condom. Girl said 100 time she is clean. I keep calling her and get assurance. Them after some time...
Does anyone else have emetophobia? I have a horrible fear of food borne illness's mainly as you normally don't throw up with the flu once...
Does anybody else not leave the house because of birds? I hate everything that flies, but birds are so common and everywhere im afraid im...
I had colon cancer in Jan. 2009 and a liver met in early 2012. Surgery for both and last blood work and CT was fine. Since the liver re...
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