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This is a place to get answers to your personal questions about how physical therapy can help you recover from injuries or lessen pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis.
Hello all. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but in my search it seemed like the one closest to what I was looking for. So I ha...
My 54-year-old husband is having a terrible time with his spine. His entire C-spine is a mess and he's had a dowager's hump since his la...
I recently injured my shoulder while wrestling. The doctor described it as an AC joint separation, but the symptoms aren't the same. ...
I fell about 2 months ago and stoped my fall by landing on my hands. About a week later I experienced quite a bit of pain in my left thu...
During 3 years my left side body automatically pain when i sit more than 1 hour continuously.
Hi I have myofascial pain syndrome for two years, mostly the lower back is the problem in one trigger point. I have a normal MRI, bone s...
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