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This is a place to get answers to your personal questions about how physical therapy can help you recover from injuries or lessen pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis.
Hi, I am Angie 42 years old I have terrible pain in my back on left side, left pelvic pain and pain down the left leg . It comes and go...
Roughly one year and 7 days ago I hurt my left calf muscle, I was playing football and I felt my leg getting tight but thought nothing of...
I have both of these, and I have such painful feet. I have pain all the time really. What kind of physical therapy helps? I have hig...
A little background. 14 year old son suffered a grade 3 AC joint sprain while playing soccer (he is a goalie). Has no real pain after 1 w...
After partially recovering from an almost Grade III Tibial Tendonitis dx'd 4 yrs ago, that included failed physical therapy and 2yrs wea...
Hi John, Hoping you can lend some expertise...9 years ago I injured my left hip dancing (ballet.) Back then, I had x-rays done that d...
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