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Piel / Dermatología Community

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Este foro es un lugar para hacer preguntas sobre temas relacionados a los ojos como: cataratas, diabetes, cirugia de los ojos, lentes de contacto, problemas generales sobre los ojos, exámenes de los ojos, glaucoma, Corrección de vision con laser (LASIK y PRK), degeneración macular, optalmología pediatrica.
This started about last October, I noticed I had a sore red lump on my right shin and expected it to turn into a bruise and go away. The ...
I'm a 22 year old female, and I believe I have chicken pox. I have not been vaccinated because my doctor believed that I had a small case...
hey! I am a girl and I am 16 years old. I am dealing with a bump i guess which is on my nose. It showed up in March 2017. I had my nose p...
I have recently developed a skin rash on my stomach, back, chest, upper thighs, and shoulders. It is red, itchy and resembles chicken pox...
plz help me in following situation - I had sex with prostitute . After sex my penis got red . Now the main part , after sex i touched...
hello, i have been sprayed salbutamol (inhaler for asthma) on my mole, i heard thet method will remove it, but no. he started swelling,...
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