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Ever since the start of this year I've realised my nose is a really strange shape on the side!! Its now getting to the point I'm insecure...
I'm considering getting otoplasty. My ears are two completely diffrent shapes and sizes and have caused me alot of self esteem issues sin...
Hey, just wondering.. does anyone know the youngest i can get this surgery... and maybe price ranges? i live in the UK Thank you <3
I have an old scar on my bottom lip that is getting irritated. I am not sure how to eliminate this irritation or what can be done.
Hi, i had rhinoplasty surgery 5 days ago , i want to know what type of medicine is good for now specially for breathing because i have a ...
I was left with many red spots (broken capillaries) after my 2nd laser pigmentation removal treatment, probably due to higher intensity b...
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