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This has been going on for about a week. This dog has never had a litter and I did not have her fixed she’s home alone with me and we jus...
I found a lump under the skin of my rabbit's stomach about three months ago (close to his right hind leg), I can move it freely, it is pr...
Can't tell if this a cyst or an abscess or what. Also, I don't know how to post pics so I hope this works as links. [img]https://i.imgur...
I'm wondering what would be a good supplement otc that could help with her frequent urination, straining to pee, and crystals in urine. I...
The cat boxes obviously smell and I try to keep them as clean as possible but with two cats it’s hard to keep up everyday. Will it be har...
pregnancy of hamster, turning 2 months only, having bluish belly some says she might experience abortion is it true?
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