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The corner bottom of my cats eyes are coming up and starting to cover his eyes, what could this be?
I have an eight year old rabbit that started to grow an abscess on the side of his head a few weeks ago. About a week ago, the abscess st...
The dose of ORBAX oral suspension is 3.4 mg/lb of body weight. How much do I give my cat that weighs 6.25 lbs?
I was walking down a trail i turned a foot from my face a squirell was facing me abdomin first from other side of the fence and i felt it...
My boyfriend and I found light brown pus coming out of our 7yr old Chihuahua mix nipples. We've never noticed it before and she's acting ...
My cat keeps touching the toilet bowl. This morning i noticed his paw was wet when he touched my face. Later i saw him on the toilet. If ...
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