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My dog suddenly stopped eating but drank water, i noticed her belly was distended Sept 4th. I took her to an emergency clinic and they di...
my 7 week old puppies were put outside while I was away and when I came back both were sick. I already have 2 larger outside dogs and I'v...
Hi I was thinking about getting a sugar glider but was nervous about letting it loose to run around the house. I was afraid it might craw...
I have 2 questions about my 1 cat so he is super skinny and you can see how thin he is by looking at his hips and shoulders he is an outs...
Hello. I am looking for some advice. I have lost 3 hamsters in two months and I am frantic to figure this out. I have had hamsters suc...
I have 3 lovely rabbits! 2 of them are always next to each other and sometimes on top of each other, since we got them one of those 2 rab...
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