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Hi, My name is Survivable. Two years ago I started concentrating on Daily Positive Thoughts, and it has helped improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual, life. If you agree, join this group, read my daily thoughts, add your positive thoughts, and/or comment. Thanks for visiting.
1. Be aware of your thoughts. Keep a journal and write down all your negative thoughts. You cannot change the way you think unless you ...
Hi all! My name is April and I am brand new to this site and to this group. I am huge on Personal Development, and Positive Thinking. I...
How many struggle day to day with critical thoughts of others? If so, what are you using to counter them?
Hi everyone, When I said I would be off and on this month, I didn't realize how much I'd be off. I am sorry, I have such a busy month. I...
Affirmation: I desire to keep my house clean. Something to Ponder: It is not always enough to be forgiven by others. You have to le...
Affirmation: I am a person of worth. Something to Ponder: Nothing comes close to the addiction of pornography. Quote: Where ther...
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