Positive Thoughts Group

Hi, My name is Survivable. Two years ago I started concentrating on Daily Positive Thoughts, and it has helped improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual, life. If you agree, join this group, read my daily thoughts, add your positive thoughts, and/or comment. Thanks for visiting.
I just wanted to let you know that I do my best to post Daily Positive Thoughts. Unfortunately, there are times when I cannot do it du...
Affirmation: I am determined to accomplish my goals. Something to Ponder: Do you make things happen or do you sit back and watch the...
Affirmation: It is OK to ask for help instead of staying in distress. Something to Ponder: Today is the first day of the rest of my ...
Affirmation: I am contagious. Something to Ponder: There is always a new and better way to experience life. Quote: "If you go a...
Affirmation: I am keeping my body healthy. Something to Ponder: Your life today is the consequences of your choices in life. Quo...
Affirmation: I am capable of doing what I set out to do. Something to Ponder: You can find out a lot about someone by looking at his...
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