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Pregnant women expecting babies in June 2011
I've been having these lately. I'm at 39 weeks now and I feel these tingling feeling (like you would when you foot is numb or tingling) r...
Hello All, It's about that time for our June mommy's to start giving birth. My due date was June 6th, however I gave birth to my beaut...
Has anyone on here began to lose their mucous plug?? I think I'm losing mine but I'm not certain. We had sex yesterday afternoon, and thi...
Hey ladies just wanted to check in a see how we are all doing. I am super excited for the few ladies they have had their babies, and jeal...
Ok so i want to wait 3 yrs for my next baby. Im not so good with pills i know ill forget so i was wondering is there something the doc ca...
I posted this in the pregnancy forum but didn't get much response so hoped you had some insight for me :) Hi ladies, I have been havin...
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