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Pregnant women expecting babies in June 2011
We finally interviewed 3 and decided on one. The practice is only 6 docs which I like and they are all paperless with record keeping. Ju...
I am 35 wks preg and I've had a cold for the past three days. I am so week that it is all I can do to lift my arms. Is or has anyone expe...
Anyone not sleeping. I've just hit 23 weeks and finding it impossible to sleep. I've tried.pregnancy pillows, eating bananas before bed a...
Honestly, what do you think about the name Micah for a boy? I love it.. but some of my family members do not.
... doc said I am fine & that I have a lot of water, luckily the weather is changing, we moving into late autumn beginning of winter, the...
I know alot of you voted otherwise, but I really like that no one likes it ahahaha silly I know but I like what nobody else does I guess,...
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