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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies born in March 09.
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Hey ladies! So I have been swamped with school stuff and never have time to write an update here, but today I carved out 5 minutes to ...
Hi! So Hayden is totally rebelling on food. I was already having issues being creative - but now I am just at a loss for food! She has ...
Hi! I missed last week, I wanted to report after Hayden's 18 month appt but then that happened on thursday and I figured I would wait to ...
Good morning ladies, Noting really new this week. Mady is talking up a storm still and throwing tantrums still too. She is either re...
Let's see Phin is 18+ months old and is revisiting his screeching phase...ugh. He hits notes that I did not know the human voicebox could...
Mady went peepee on the potty 3 times now this weekend. Friday afternoon she said peepee and I was like ok lets change you diaper and sh...
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