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Patient age 60. Radical Prostatectomy was done in October 2021. Gleason 4+3. After the surgery the PSA has risen: 24.11.21 0.009...
I'm pretty young and in great sex right now but just diagnosed with prostate cancer. I will undergo a radical prostatectomy in the next f...
The scar tissue following surgery has returned almost every 3 months for my husband. The surgery was in January 2007. The flow of urine...
Operation was 16 months ago and recently I've been experiencing severe cramps in bladder area. So bad it hurts to sit, walk lie down etc....
My boyfriend, who is 59 with no previous history of any cancer, had a physical done two months ago and his PSA was 25. He was referred to...
My husband had his prostate removed in 2013 due to cancer. Had 0% PSA results for a year. No other PSA tests done until 2021 which showed...
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