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56 years diagnosed with 1st stage prostate cancer. Consulted 3 doctors. 1. One said to operate. 2. Second said not to operate ...
My dad had undergone prostate LRP due to prostate cancer 2 years ago, and he had just done his latest health check. PSA: <0.01 Testost...
You were all so wonderful and reassuring a couple of weeks back when I asked how like it was that the dr who said my dad's enlarged prost...
Last week I had a physical which showed trace amounts of blood and protein in my urine and the presence of immature granulocytes in my bl...
Hi! My 78 year old dad was just told that he "probably" has Prostate Cancer due to symptoms (frequent urination) and the dr did a rectal ...
I have an upcoming appointment with our not so friendly urologist. The reason high PSA levels. I'm 70 years young, not dead yet, and jus...
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