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Respiratory Disorders Community

Hello, i am 55F. I have a low saturation level of oxygen (70%-85%) measured by pulse oximeter in duration for 30 sec to 5 min six times a...
Is it possible to be diagnoased with moderate emphysema at only 29 years old? My girlfriend is a heavy smoker and has been having troubl...
Hi, there please help me! As nothing is working. I OVER used xylometazoline nasal spray 4 months instead of max 10 weeks, to breathe b...
I see these comments are from 2006. I am currently having many of these same problems. Tickle in throat, sharp pain, cough, tears, nose d...
Hello, I went for a full body check up in October last year and this was stated on the report. I didn't ask further questions at the time...
This mystery has been plaguing me for over a year. It seems to coincide with when I transition back into the LCHF diet. It makes me think...
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