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This mystery has been plaguing me for over a year. It seems to coincide with when I transition back into the LCHF diet. It makes me think...
From time to time I either yawn really big in a funny position or I turn my head a wrong way...and it feels like my Trachea (?) literally...
Hello everyone, Thank you in advance, this post is a little lengthy, please give some time to look into it. I noticed a lump (a lit...
I guess I’ll start with the beginning of my health issues, it might not be relevant to what I’m dealing with now, but I’ll say just in ca...
I was living in my van and had a rat that i couldnt get rid of. I started coughing up blood about a yr ago but noyhing serious. Now its...
I have a client has a husband with lung cancer - she wants to refinish her hardwood floors. I have highly recommended that she does not ...
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