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If you are experiencing any of this research Parodoxical Vocal Fold Movement. I was having major issues where I would almost choke out o...
For the past 6 months I have found myself having a choking cough for no reason then after it is over I sneeze. What is going on? Anyone ...
My son had a dextrose pleurodesis followed by a 5g talc pleurodesis the following week because the dextrose didn't hold up. He had a tou...
Hello. Two weeks ago I had a chest CT scan because I thought I had aspirated water when drinking. The CT scan came back clear but in the ...
Hello, For a while i have been smelling a burning smell in my nose, kind of like smoke. It's not constant, somedays it's there and some i...
About 10 days ago, I was at this event in which I ended up breathing a lot of second hand smoke and, worst of all, second hand vaping. I ...
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