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Ok so this may be long. Last year I received oral sex at a massage parlor. A few months after I started have like a ticklish feeling in m...
Hi Doctor, Please help me to identify skin tags on my penis, I have these skin tags since 2002, 17 years ago, they do not change and do...
I am married male and wife is away on work. Had a crazy weekend where I went in for a massage and had protected sex. These are the things...
Hello. A couple of weeks ago I recently engaged in very brief (30 seconds) receptive oral sex from another male. I had a condom on thro...
Since August 27th I’ve experienced burning/weird sensation after urinating. I had protected sex but unprotected oral and the same day to ...
Hello I'm a 43 yr old male. Thanks already for your answer. I'm from Europe, so I'll try my best, English is not my native tongue. ...
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