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Hello community. I recently posted on the herpes forum because I was stressed about a misdiagnosis of hsv 2 (found out I recieved a false...
I went to an Asian massage parlor a little over a month ago. I received protected oral sex on my penis but she did rim me unprotected for...
I am a strait man who had 2 unprotected oral encounters with other men. Fist encounter was a month ago and I received oral from a guy I m...
I was recently married. In fact, my wife was good and said that she would not mind if I had mistresses, even prostitutes, etc. as long...
Hi, I am planning to go for a nuru massge (full body to body massge with oil) in a massage center in which both (the masseuse and me) ...
I made a silly mistake in having protected sex with a few escorts over a month . The condom remained in tact from start to finish each ti...
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