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3 days ago I try to have a sex with an independent escort with following details: 1. During that time i am semi drunk (but not drunk eno...
Im bad english. Please help . It was oral unbrotected for 20 seconds .after that forttage i cant remember maybe here vaginal fluid insert...
Can any STDs be acquired if your hand accidentally touches sanitary waste from an overflowing/ poorly maintained sanitary bin in a public...
I had a risky sexual encounter Dec 5th 2019, used a condom, but had unprotected oral. I got the full battery of tests including the RP...
Hi, recently took part in mutual masturbation between 2 men. I'm aware from previous posts on the forum that this is not considered a ris...
I’ve been reading on medhelp that mutual masturbation is safe sex. Is it possible to get an std from a handjob? Recently received a happy...
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