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Sorry for my poor English I just receive an oral with condom on 21jan One week ago there are 1 to 2 very little red spot on my penis...
I don't know if i should reveal this to future partners or not. i was in a 3 year relationship and she cheated on me for 6 months while w...
Can chlamydia and gonorrhea live on sex toys after 10 hours of use?
I’m a gay male and performed masturbation on another gay male for about 5 minutes. I did have my mouth on his scrotum and licked around t...
Hi, I'm sorry in advance if my grammar is inaccurate, I'm a foreigner. My story is that I had only one time unprotected vaginal sex in my...
It's my first time having sex with a masseuse. She gave me a blowjob and I jerked off. Then we have a vaginal sex    , of course with a...
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