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I've recently tried having sex with another man for the first time in my life. Key word: tried. After some foreplay, he got on top of m...
6 months ago I have had an unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal. After a week started to feel abdominal pain every morning I woke u...
Hi, Recently I have met a guy. I am gay. I have had an encounter of licking nipples with warts on it. I did not notice it on the first p...
Hi Dr, I went to a physician after noticing a swollen testicle and they believe it is due to a swollen epididymis. After doing some readi...
Hello, I have a relatively new partner (about 8 months). I was given a full STD screening prior to us meeting and was completely negat...
I have read and benefited greatly from the posts and response on this forum. Much of my previous paranoia has since been eleviated based ...
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