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Hi so my vagina became itchy it started at the clit and within a day my whole vagina was red itchy and swollen . inside of my vaginahole ...
I am 75 years old & my gynecologist office just advised me that my recent pap showed atypical cells and tested positive for HPV non 16-18...
So as far as i know most people can fight off hpv within their body within 2 years without having symtoms and that they become immuned wi...
Hi. My husband and I separated for a year and he had another woman and he contracted gential warts and she also has active cervical cance...
Dear Team Can u please tell me can u please tell me is there any medicines are there for syphilis and herpes. Thanks
Curious what the realistic STI risk is for the following encounter, particularly wondering about gonorrhoea/chlamydia: I am a male, a...
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