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On 30 january,2019 I made biggest mistake and had sex with a sex worker, thereafter, from the very next day I had burning sensation at pe...
Iam worried about these skin lumps / lesions i have developed. Please help me to identify them.. they do not pain, bleed or puss. Sometim...
I recently had a nuru massage at an asian massage parlour. The masseuse applied a lot of oil to both her and myself (included to genital...
hello I visited a escort a week ago she gave me oral sex with a condom but the condom was too big for me. Will I get any std if I used a ...
Hi Doctors and friends, I am 24 yrs male who had sex intercourse with a escort girl 13 days ago. We had no-condom oral sex and protected ...
I am not proud of this but had a prostitute give me a blowjob yesterday. She sucked on my testicles too. Over the past few months before ...
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