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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to STDs including: Chlamydia, crabs, gonorrhea, HPV, PID, penis discharge, syphilis, testicular infections, urethritis, vaginosis, genital warts, yeast infection. All questions will be answered by a medical expert from FreedomHealth.
Dr, Diagnosed NSU after possible incident with non regular partner 6 yrs ago. Unsure if condom used. Treated with 1g Zithro. Then un...
I had a unprotected ******** from a sex worker 3 weeks ago. I now i have mild irritation hours after ejaculation. I have had sex with my ...
Hello I have a question regarding syphilis, risk was oral passiv: - 5 weeks after risk, I made a quick test antibody - 7 weeks after r...
Hi Doctors, I wonder if you could offer me some further advice. Since my last question to Dr Hansfield I have been happily getting on w...
Hello Sir I had unprotected sex 3 months ago...After 2 months time i felt uncomfort on my pennis,burning sensation and itching on th...
Dear sir, I am 23 years old male. I did biggest mistake of my life. 36 days ago, I had oral and vaginal sex with escort in paris.It was w...
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