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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to STDs including: Chlamydia, crabs, gonorrhea, HPV, PID, penis discharge, syphilis, testicular infections, urethritis, vaginosis, genital warts, yeast infection. All questions will be answered by a medical expert from FreedomHealth.
Dr, I am a young male and last night I did something I regret very much. I was intoxicated and visited a transsexual sex worker from t...
Dear Dr I am a male. I had quite a lot of commercial sexual encounters with CSWs (around 15) while in Africa in 2008-2011. They invo...
Dear Dr. This story keeps going for 9 months now with no real end in sight.. I have seen various urologists, all with differing opini...
Dear Dr. Jose, I am a 30 years old male. I had an unprotected oral fellatio, I being the insertive partner with a sex worker in July 2...
So the story goes.. I am currently in Taiwan for my national reservist. Last Saturday I had protected sex with a sex worker in one of the...
I gave into temptation and had protected intercourse with call girl while here in China (shanghai). She also stroked my bare penis with ...
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