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So here’s my situation. I’m in Vietnam and went for a massage. Everything was going fine. I expected a HJ however the lady attempted to g...
I am from India.I received unprotected blowjob for about 2 minutes from a sexworker whose hiv & other std status is not known to me . Can...
Good afternoon, I will make this brief for the experts on here since I know most of the questions are repetitive for you and I don't w...
I had protected sex before 20 days From 1 week I have small cyst (4) on my testis skin and getting pus on it. Is that syphilis ?
Dr Kristie Thanks a lot for your message. But My queries are still not fully answered. I know its npt your job to answer but your helpin...
Hi Doctors, What are the possible risks from mutual masturbation between 2 penis and one vagina. rubbing and masturbating each others pr...
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