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I had an incident which I’m worried i been exposed to hiv risk, i would like to know what you think my risk is. It happened 9 days ago i ...
Hello I had a massage 5 days ago that ended in a handjob (as far as I can remember). I have the following questions that I would love if ...
Unfortunately I had a small wart on my penis shaft and had it just frozen off how long does it take to heal ?? I opted for freeze instea...
Hi am 25, yesterday I went to an asian massage parlor, it started off with a massage, we never directly kissed, she started giving me a b...
Hello my gf and we had vaginal penetration only since 1 year . She got mollscum contagiousm above her vagina but I didn’t get any where i...
Hi I really need some help here, I received hand Job from a ladyboy in Thailand yesterday. While giving it, she spat on her fingers a...
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