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Hello, I’m a 40 year old male. Two weeks ago, I received protected oral from female SW at Massage Parlor. I briefly touched ( less...
So, eight days ago I went to see a sex worker who is known for what she got going on in the chest area. Acts were an unprotected hand ...
Hi everyone, I wanted some information that I can't understand about gonorrhea, when it is contracted orally, is it true that it heals on...
Having sex with a prostitute for first time (4 years ago),second time (1 year ago) & third time (5 months ago).3 months after last sexual...
In late May I had protected sex with a CSW, vaginally and she performed oral. I never had any symptoms or issues after the encounter. ...
I had unsafe sex, two years ago, however I got infected with STD at first I made a urine analysis and the doctor prescribed me Doxy 100mg...
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