Sarcoidosis Support Group

Welcome to the sarcoidosis support group, a place where sarcoid sufferers can go to discuss symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in any stage of the disease.
Two weeks ago I started itching on the back of my right upper forearm (6 inches long) except there was not a rash or discoloration. , the...
Is there a way to lose weight while on prednesone, dx with sarcoidosis over 15 years ago lesions in heart & lungs and joint pains. I hav...
Hi, Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis on the lungs. It was found with a chest x ray. Apart from being breathless I ...
I also posted this question on the Autoimmune disorder forum; My Dr has done a autoimmune blood panel because I have several symptoms ...
Last month my AST level was at 59 and my ALT was at 95 in my liver. I go to hear the results of my blood work from yesterday today at 2 a...
Thank you Misty for your time and devotion to helping people in this support group forum. I currently am on Nexium (2xs/day), armour...
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