Schizoid Personality Disorder Support Group

Schizoid Personality Disorder doesn't seem to have it's own group since it's on the Schizophrenia axis, but this is a very tough disorder that follows you for life, we'll need the support.
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Breathe Hope in Me - what's happening with you today? Everyone - I've never met anyone else with my diagnosis. I'm interested to see ...
ive seeing stuff and hearing stuff ever since i was like 8yrs old. ive asked my mom about it in my elementry years and she would laugh an...
Does anyone know where I could be evaluated for SPD in the UK. I am fairly certain this PD applies to me, but need a professional evaluat...
Hello. I am worried about a member of my family, a young man, he has a diagnosis of schizoid personality disorder. I am worried that he d...
I think I have this disorder. From what I read on-line lot of the syptoms ring true. From what I read l lot of people with this disorder ...
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