Sexual Addiction Group

This is a group for the sexually addicted or loved ones of the sexually addicted. Like all other addictions, but socially unaccepted, shamed or even unacknowledged at times, it it is a very serious disease with incomprehensible consequences and the ability to destroy lives. Help is now available.
I've been masturbating since as long as I could even remember. I look up other people's masturbation problems and they say that they do i...
okay here it is.. i LOVE having sex. i just love that great feelign it comes with. but my ex and i were ahving sex alomst everyday for a ...
I'm only 15, but i cant stop masterbating. for a while, i stopeed. but its close to every couple of days i do. its been going on since i ...
Hi im 17 years old girl and my boyfriend is 19 (he'll be 20). I dont see him every day because he works but when i do see him we have sex...
i cant stop masterbateing help!!!! :_( :_( :_( :_(
I am a 21 year old female, and I masturbate on average of about 3 times per day. I have recently come to the conclusion that whatevr happ...
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