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Sexuality & Relationships Forum

This forum is for questions and support regarding relationship issues such as: Abstinence, Arousal Problems, Birth Control, Cohabitation, Commitment, Communication, Couples Counseling, Desire /Lack of Desire, Sexual Technique.
After having a vasectomy at the age of 30 my sexual desire has increased substantially. I am now 56 years of age and my desire to engag...
hi im a female 25 an my partner would like to try anul sex but i think that his penis is to large or wide its 10 inches and im not shor i...
Hi: I have an extreamly domininate friend who started giving me anil intercourse once or twice a week about a year ago. Now he gives i...
I am 24 years old and I have a problem with masterbating. I would like to but I don't feel comfortable doing it. Why do I feel this way? ...
i have been married for about three years almost.this is my first marriage and my husbands third.he works all the time.i know he is tired...
hello. i am considering stopping masturbating and ejaculating completely for 3 months. is there any risk of physical harm in doing this? ...
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Millions of people are diagnosed with STDs in the U.S. each year.
STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
Syphilis is an STD that is transmitted by oral, genital and anal sex.
Discharge often isn't normal, and could mean an infection or an STD.
STDs aren't transmitted through clothing. Fabric is a germ barrier.
Normal vaginal discharge varies in color, smell, texture and amount.