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Sinus infection also called sinusitis, is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses that may occur when having an infection, allergy or autoimmune issues. Discuss topics including causes, symptoms and treatments for sinusitis.
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hello I was just diagnosed with chronic sinusitis thru a CT scan. The only symptom that is driving me crazy is constant thick white mucus...
I have had migraine headaches during the week but took advil for 2 days. I never had this happen and I am in my 40's so concerned. Any i...
I have had a sinus infection for about 8 weeks. Symptoms did not resolve with antibiotics so I went to an ENT. A recent CT scan reveal...
I am going to have a dental bone graft in my upper jaw. I am flying to Budapest to get the treatment. The dental bone graft involves a ...
Every time I go to the doctor, I get prescribed antibiotics which don't help. It comes right back soon after or doesn't go away in the fi...
Around a week ago, my husband and I had a pretty bad cold and sinus problems. So he got a neti pot to help with that. He prepared it and ...
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