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I am sixteen years old and over the past year I have had three nights where I fall in and out of sleep for a couple hours, never fully wa...
I have been having this problem for about 6 months. I am a 22 year old female, in fairly good health and have always slept fine up until ...
Hi Doc, What does it mean when you wake up in the morning with a sticky substance in mouth? In the context when you have chronic sleep ...
I'm a 26yr old female (which I've noticed from my readings, isn't "likely" candidate for sleep apnea)... My doctor is sort of old school ...
Have been snoring loudly for about four years. Two sleep studies have confirmed sleep apnea. My wife and I seldom wake up in the same roo...
Hy doc.I am 20 years old.For about 5 years i do not sleep well probably of depresion but i see a shrik.MOst of the times i take a nap in...
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