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Smoking Cessation Community

I am a pack and a half a day smoker and have been for 30 years. Last week I decided to start the process of quitting but am tapering ins...
I am on day #5 on Chantix. For the past two days, I have gotten headaches within an hour of taking it in the a.m. Has anyone else experie...
I am still struggling with smoking cigarettes after what feels like forever. I hadnt posted here in forever and just remembered how helpf...
The stress from my job is killing me, but I can't quit smoking no matter how hard I try.... I've been smoking since I was twelve, s...
I am on Effexor and plan on quitting smoking again. I've quit numerous times - the most I've quit is for 2 year. I have used the patch ...
I quit due to a health scare about 6 months ago and went back when all ended up fine. What a stupid mistake. Thought I could have just ...
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